Researching WW1 nurses from Central Queensland

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From Margaret Doherty, Brisbane, Queensland

Margaret Doherty is enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Local, Family and Applied History at the University of New England, Armidale. In 2013, she is undertaking a research project on World War One nurses who trained in Central Queensland. Specifically she is looking at who the nurses were, why they enlisted, what their war experiences were and what happened to them on their return from active service.

The nurses Margaret is researching are:

  • Atherton, Rosamund Brenda
  • Bailey, Trissie
  • Cairns, Sarah
  • Campbell, Beryl Anderson
  • Dixon, Ella
  • Griffith(s), Caroline Rose
  • Halpin, Margaret Mary
  • Herbertson, Florence
  • Homewood, Martha May (or Martha Jane)
  • Homewood, Grace Ethel
  • Imison, Alice Ethel
  • Jones, Margaret Elizabeth
  • Kennedy, Jessie Violet Marion
  • Lawson, Helen
  • Maloney, May Agnes
  • McClelland, Myra Alexandra
  • McIlwraith, Ella Gordon
  • McLaughlin, Elsie Agnes
  • Monckton, Catherine
  • Murray, Margaret Frances
  • Norton, Annie
  • Norton, Ellen Agnes
  • Parker, Elizabeth
  • Parnell, Louisa Sarah
  • Perrier, Margaret Ayrane
  • Phillips, Violet May
  • Price, Mary Clare
  • Pullar, Ellen Lennox
  • Stuckey, France
  • Toft, Catherine Ann
  • Toft, Edith Mary
  • Towner, Greta Norman
  • Williamson, Annie Anderson

How can you get involved in this worthwhile project?

Margaret would like to hear from anyone with information on these nurses including, but not limited to, letters, diaries, newspaper cuttings, autograph books or personal memories.

Contact: Margaret Doherty by phone on 0439 456 109 or by email at mdohert5[at]

More on the image: Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial, Group portrait of nursing staff of the 13th Australian General Hospital at Enoggera, 4 September 1916, ID number: A03240

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