Why you should use FamilySearch Family History Centres

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Families share an enduring bond that reaches across the generations. FamilySearch can help you trace your ancestors with an expert network across Australia and New Zealand.

Many dedicated genealogists would be familiar with FamilySearch and no doubt have spent many hours searching its website for elusive ancestors. There are millions of records and databases available online, but did you know there are also many FamilySearch Centres located throughout Australia and New Zealand? Each offers an immense variety of resources to patrons, from rare publications to microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The FamilySearch network in Australia alone incorporates more than 147 centres and 47 affiliate libraries. This network enables FamilySearch to provide community members with greater access to resources and services that may not have been otherwise achievable.

All centres are staffed by dedicated volunteers who are often experts in local history and researching techniques, providing a valuable resource to those seeking to build their family tree.

Why venture into a family history centre?
There are three very good reasons — genealogical resources, free classes, and research support! Some of the resources on offer at each Centre include free access to:

Larger Centres offer free classes on both FamilySearch products and specialist topics. These classes may help you hone your research skills about a specific country, website or record type. While FamilySearch tutorials can be accessed from your own home, you can visit a Centre to discuss which of the courses may be of most relevance to you.

What is an affiliate library?
FamilySearch has formed affiliate relationships with many family history groups and libraries. These provide benefits to both parties in the form of increased support, exposure, and resources. Societies and libraries wishing to join the affiliate program can submit an expression of interest by emailing fh-aus[at]familysearch.org.

Ready to get started?
A list of all FamilySearch Centres can be found at www.familysearch.org. Many centres operate on an appointment basis so it’s always wise to phone ahead.



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    Lynnette Walker 21 March 2013 - 9:23 am Reply

    I have worked for FamilySearch over 30+ years in centres in Melbourne, Mildura and Sydney. Over this time I have discovered that there are people who go to a centre with no knowledge the basics eg the names of the parents and grandparents. I suggest that before going to a FamilySearch centre talk to your family and extended family so that you have something for the volunteers to work from.

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      Cassie Mercer 21 March 2013 - 12:52 pm Reply

      A very good point Lynnette. What are the key bits of information or documents that people should bring with them when they visit a centre?

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    Liz 27 April 2013 - 6:44 pm Reply

    Are there any affiliate libraries signed up in Australia?

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