Our free findmypast Anzac edition is out now on iPad!

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This April we’re commemorating Anzac Day with a special free issue in collaboration with findmypast.com.au. The special edition brings together experts in military history and government records who reveal how to find out more about the extensive collection from findmypast.com.au. It allows users to explore, share and discover more about their military ancestors with findmypast.com.au’s collection like never before.

Learn about findmypast’s new Memory Bank, where you can add your ancestor’s war stories and photos. Discover more about British regiments in Australia and what records to use if you have a redcoat in your family. We spotlight the often overlooked men of the Beersheba Charge during WWI, and New Zealand’s battles on the homefront in WWII. Plus, we show you how government gazettes can be a terrific supplement to discovering more about your military ancestor’s life.

Simply download the Inside History app for free, and get access to this brilliant new findmypast.com.au resource for free on your perfect travel buddy, your iPad. Click the images below to read more.

With Anzac Day fast approaching and Australians and New Zealanders preparing to reflect on the heroic efforts of their ancestors, leading family history site, findmypast.com.au, has announced it will be adding thousands of new military records to its online archives. Plus, to commemorate Anzac Day the entire military collection (including the newly released records below) will be available free of charge in the week leading up to Anzac Day (Monday 22 to Friday 26 April, 2013).

The comprehensive collection includes 3.6 million records from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain and the United States. The updated archives will make it easy for Australians and New Zealanders to investigate their family’s past and learn more about their achievements and efforts during Australia’s and New Zealand’s international conflicts. Some of the new records available on findmypast.com.au include:

  • Australasian Imperial Expeditionary Forces Roll of Honour – An index to the roll of honour of the soldiers and sailors of Australian Imperial Expeditionary Forces
  • New South Wales Roll of Honour – A comprehensive list of the names of service personnel extracted from honour rolls in schools, public halls, clubs and village war memorials across NSW
  • New Zealand War Medal Roll – An index of returns of Officers and Men of the Colonial Forces who made applications for the New Zealand War Medal for services before 1866
  • New Zealand Boer War Servicemen – A list of New Zealand servicemen who took part in the Boer Wars

The updated military records will be another essential tool for anyone currently using the Anzac Memory Bank available exclusively on findmypast.com.au. The Anzac Memory Bank is a commemorative archive, which contains heroic stories, exclusive photos, and expert information about Australian and New Zealand involvement in all wars and conflicts around the world. Users have shared their own personal and family stories, photos and diary entries so that others can learn what it was like to live through these times of turmoil.

Paul Nixon, military expert from findmypast.com.au, commented: “The updated military records and the online functionality of the Anzac Memory Bank make it easier than ever for Australians and New Zealanders to commemorate the efforts of our bravest men and women. The simplicity and ease of use make findmypast.com.au a fantastic resource for finding out more about your military ancestors.” Tara McMahon is one of countless Australian and New Zealand descendants who have discovered the phenomenal efforts of their ancestors with findmypast.com.au. She said of her great uncle:

“Private Francis McMahon of the 10th Lighthorse Division was killed in action on the third wave at the Battle of Hill 60. Witnessing his death was one of Australia’s first Victoria Cross recipients, Lieutenant H.V Throssell. Through findmypast.com.au I found a private letter from Lieutenant H.V Throssell to his commanding officer commending the efforts of my ancestor and three other men who took part in the battle. Lieutenant H.V Throssell spoke about my great uncle for years after the war as he toured Australia recalling the moments resulting in his Victoria Cross award.

“Were it not for findmypast.com.au I would never have known of the exceptional bravery and passion that my great uncle displayed. It fills me with pride to know that one of Australia’s bravest men commends my ancestor for his bravery!”

In addition to the updated records findmypast.com.au and Inside History are thrilled to announce a collaboration to produce an exclusive free digital magazine. The digital magazine will showcase new international historical records as well as providing intriguing case studies from around Australia. The free digital magazine is available on iPad by visiting the Anzac Memory Bank on findmypast.com.au.

With even more military records included in the findmypast.com.au archives and a new digital magazine it’s easier than ever before for Australian and New Zealand descendants to uncover the lost history of their ancestors. Simply download the Inside History app for free, and get access to this brilliant new findmypast.com.au resource for free on your perfect travel buddy, your iPad.



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    Karen Sydow 14 April 2013 - 10:39 pm Reply

    I thgink you should make the free mago available to those of us (like pensioners) who can’t afford i-hardware, and have to make do with other brands!

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    Elizabeth Pardy 18 April 2013 - 2:37 pm Reply

    I would also like to be able to access the free copy but I have an android device and cannot. Not everybody has an ipad or iphone.

    I subscribe the the hard copy of the magazine and was sent a link by Findmypast to the free Anzac copy but because I do not have an ipad I was not able to use it.

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