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To our excitement, one of our readers recently emailed Inside History to share a success story that came about thanks to our magazine’s ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ section in which family historians can appeal for information from other researchers. Here, Debby Gower explains how answering a writer’s call-out in Bob’s Your Uncle helped, eventually, re-unite her with distant relatives. 

A couple of years ago I answered a call out from the Bob’s Your Uncle page in Inside History magazine. Jacqueline Wadsworth was looking for letters written by World War One soldiers (issue 13, click here for more). Her book comes out later this year and there will be parts of Ernest Ainscow’s letters in the book.


Images courtesy of Deborah Gower.

You published my article ‘Discovering Ernest’ in 2013 (issue 19, iPad edition, click here for more).

Jacqueline also put up a request on her blog to find Bob and Hercules Ainscow and, after a long silence, someone was googling and found that old blog entry. Last week I was contacted by relatives and I have now found the grandson and great grandsons of Bob and Hercules. So from that one entry in Inside History I have found out that yes, indeed, Bob really is my uncle – thank you, Inside History.


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