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Our new issue, the Winter 2016 edition, contains some big news from the Inside History team: from this issue onwards, we will be a quarterly magazine. Here are some FAQs surrounding this big move.

Why is Inside History becoming a quarterly magazine?
It is a big decision, but we’re excited that this step will allow us to focus even more on making each issue better than the last, as well as take on more projects, particularly in the digital sphere.

What kind of new projects?
Well, our exciting photo-dating website in partnership with the State Library of NSW is one example – click here for more information. Stay tuned for more.

How many issues will be published each year?
It will be four issues per year instead of six.

Will the magazine be changing in other ways?
No, it’ll still be the same Inside History: packed with in-depth features, practical genealogical tips, and stories on Australian family history and heritage to help you discover your past.

So when will the next issue be out?
Because the new editions will come out every three months rather than every two months, the next issue (our Spring 2016 edition) will be out on 6 October.

I’m a subscriber to Inside History. How will this affect me?
Your subscription will be automatically converted to the new format, meaning that you will still receive the same number of issues as before, except that your subscription will last longer!

Will this change the price of an Inside History subscription?
Another upside of the magazine’s move to a quarterly publication is that we can now lower our subscription prices. The new prices for Australian readers are:

  • $35 for a 12-month subscription (4 issues) – a saving of $4.80
  • $50 for an 18-month subscription (6 issues) – a saving of $9.70

How do I subscribe to Inside History magazine?
We’re glad you asked! Click here for more details.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered here, or would like to share your thoughts on the latest edition, get in touch with us at contribute [at]

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