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Publish your family history in a premium Momento photo book. For a limited time only, Momento is offering a special discount of 20% off for Inside History readers! Read on to learn more about how to create a photo book sharing your family story. 

Momento was Australia’s first photo book company, and second in the world after Apple. The founders had a background in software development and in 2004 they launched Momento so that anyone could lay out photos and text into a book, then order a copy, regardless of their technology and design skills.

Since then, among wedding albums, baby books and travel albums, Momento has produced hundreds of family history books, and demand is growing. While there are lots of genealogy resources and family tree generators there are not many services that allow you to compile all the information and present it in a single, easy-to-read document. This is where Momento can assist.

Image courtesy Momento.

A beautiful photo book featuring a family tree. Image courtesy Momento.

Momento’s software is free to download and includes templates and tools that make it easy to lay out photos, text and graphics into stylish page designs. The quality of its software, printing and binding was recommended by Choice in their Photobook Report in March 2015, so do your ‘labour of love’ justice by publishing it in a premium Momento photo book. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Plan your book in advance
Figure out the sequence and prepare all the content before you open Momento’s software. File all photos, graphics and text into a single folder with sub-folders to match your different chapters (i.e. date, place, person or family line). Add a prefix number to all filenames so that they appear in order when you select ‘Sort By Name’ in the software.

Preparing images 
Images must be saved in JPG, TIFF or PNG format. For best print results, Momento recommends you hire an expert to scan photographs, slides or transparencies, but if you choose to scan yourself, see their essential scanning tips. Don’t get bogged down recovering old photos; the wear and tear is a sign of authenticity and a part of the story.

Adding text
It’s best you type out your text in a word processing program. Momento recommends SimpleText or Notepad for the ‘cleanest’ text, and don’t forget to do a spell check before copying and pasting the text into Momento’s software. Their software features tools to set different font styles, sizes, colours and alignment but it’s best to limit your design to one or two fonts, and avoid white on black backgrounds for text-heavy pages. A minimum font size of 12 is best for legibility.

Momento’s software includes hundreds of graphics you can use to decorate your pages. You can also drop photos into many ready-made page designs. To access even more page embellishments, go the Updater Panel on the right side of Momento’s software and download a new pack. Old Times and Elegance are particularly appropriate.

Proof your book
After you’ve designed your book in Layout View, go to Finish View to check for Warnings then Export your project. The software generates a Preview PDF for you to carefully review. We also highly recommend you print out or email a copy to show family or friends who might spot grammatical, factual or any other errors that you may have missed.

Upload and order online
When your project is perfect, upload the Master File (MBF) to your Momento account and order online, selecting the size, quantity, paper and cover material of your choice. For portrait format books we recommend Lay-flat Lustre paper, and for extra protection consider a dust-jacket or matching Clamshell box. Every page of every book is quality-checked then bound with care before dispatch within 14 days.

Momento photo books showcase your family story. Image courtesy Momento.

Momento photo books showcase your family story. Image courtesy Momento.

Get started
Download the free software and explore family history book examples here. The Momento Musings blog also features inspiring posts on how to compose family histories, memoirs, reunion guestbooks and yearbooks.

Future-proof your photos
Heed the words of Vint Cerf, Google Vice President: “If there are photos you really care about, print them out,” or they could disappear into a digital black hole. We can still look at a 150-year-old daguerreotype print but many digital files created less than 20 years can no longer be viewed because technology has become defunct or corrupted. Remember the floppy disc?

So make a personal commitment today to transfer and back up your digital files regularly, in multiple locations, and print them out so they’re safe for you and your descendants’ future enjoyment.

Momento is offering 20% off your first photo book or box order.  To redeem, enter code INSIDEHISTORY at checkout before 29 February 2017. Should you want extra copies for gifts or a reunion, volume discounts are available for 2 or more copies, while orders of 25+ copies attract significantly reduced prices. Call 1300 799 764 or click here for more.

Brought to you by our friends at Momento

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