Finding your ancestor’s burial location

Finding and visiting the graves of your ancestors can be an essential step in your family history research, whether to pay your respects or to look for further information about your lineage. So, where do you start when it comes to finding the burial location of an ancestor? Death certificates A great place to begin … Read on

Prison hulks: Australia’s floating prisons

There is a classic narrative in Australia that convicts spent their days in penal colonies like Port Arthur and Norfolk Island, which struck fear into the hearts of convicts and settlers alike. But many convicts weren’t even lucky enough to end up there. With prisons overflowing and nowhere to put the convicts who were continually … Read on

Researching your convict ancestry

According to Ancestry, one in five Australians descends from convicts. The stories of penal colonies and their convicts are considered a fundamental part of the rich tapestry of the Australian story, and the history of individual families. Now, more people are eager to uncover their convict past than ever. For some, the stories of their … Read on

The battles and the blood of the Salvos

By Roy Maloy The Salvation Army (Salvos) have been in Melbourne since the early 1880s, when its work erupted into the streets of Melbourne. Today the Salvos is seen as a benevolent charity and welfare provider, however, that wasn’t always the case. The Salvos was also the subject of ridicule and torment from a large … Read on

An unfortunate accident (part two)

The following letter to the editor was received as a response to ‘Cycling through time’, the cover story of Traces Edition 6. In the second part of the letter, Susan Weisser further shares her family’s unfortunate history with 19th century transport. Click here to read part one. Tragically, this was not the only brush with new forms … Read on

Inside History has a new name and a new publisher!

Inside History and Executive Media are excited to announce that Executive Media has purchased Inside History magazine and will continue publishing a quarterly magazine focused on promoting and advocating Australian history. To be published under a new title – Traces – the magazine will be edited by Eden Cox, with Inside History former editor Cassie Mercer … Read on

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