Author Q&A: Tanya Evans on the history of the disadvantaged

Researching the histories of the disadvantaged is more challenging than researching the fortunate, Dr Tanya Evans tells Sarah Trevor – but also more fascinating. In this extended interview, Tanya tells us more about her new book, Fractured Families: Life on the Margins in Colonial New South Wales (NewSouth). IHM: What inspired you to start researching and writing about the … Read on

Historic Newspaper Tips: An Insider’s Guide to Searching and Editing Trove

You’ve probably never heard of John Warren. But if you’re a devotee of Trove and its ever-growing collection of digitised historic newspapers, chances are you owe John and his fellow correctors more than you may realise! John is the site’s top-ranked corrector, having edited a staggering 3.44 million lines of newspaper articles in the electronically translated … Read on

Bushrangers: glorified criminals, or anti-authoritarian folk heroes?

There is no denying the iconic status of bushrangers in the Australian psyche. But were they glorified criminals, or anti-authoritarian legends? In the Jul-Aug issue of Inside History, we launched our first  debate series, asking two authors who’ve researched and written widely on bushrangers — Greg Powell and Carol Baxter — for their thoughts on these iconic … Read on

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