Hooked on history: A career in researching & teaching public history

We all love learning more about the past, but what opportunities are out there for pursuing history at the tertiary level? Here Sarah Trevor chats to Janis Wilton, a public historian and Inside History contributor, about her wonderfully varied career in history, her love of teaching and her advice for people looking to pursue their passion for the past. Janis … Read on

From the family tree to an Honours degree: A UNE student on studying history online

While growing up, Karen Filewood helped her mother with the family tree; now she’s embarking on her own research projects as an Honours student at the University of New England (UNE). As part of her studies she’s pursued the topics that most fascinate her: from scouring lone grave burials in her local area, to investigating a tragic yet little-known nineteenth-century steamship disaster, and more. … Read on

The Power of Studying the Past: A Q&A with a history student at UNE

When it comes to the past, there’s always more to learn — and there’s no better way to sharpen your research skills and broaden your knowledge of history than a certified course offering formal qualifications. Inside History readers are a diligent bunch, but of all the history and genealogy courses they tell us about, one institution … Read on

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